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Start small, think big

Layering is all about confidence! Start building that up by putting together a few pieces of minimalist jewellery while carrying a theme for the whole look. Diamond jewellery is the best for layering and stacking as they bring together simple elegance with bold luxurious trends. Choose a single pendant with a small diamond to add that perfect touch of sparkle and amp up the wow factor with a statement piece that is shorter and sits snugly around your neck. Or go bold with a unique, original piece while stacking up on the rings and make sure that you’re the center of attention wherever you go.

Gemstones add a pop of colour

A blue sapphire ring or a ruby pendant amidst all the sparkly diamonds can ensure that you make heads turn wherever you go. With gemstone pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings, you can choose the exact color, shape, and style according to your nature, favorite style, and color type. Ancient beliefs attached a lot of significance to gemstones and their natural habitat. Rubies symbolize love while Emeralds bring in prosperity. Similarly, Sapphire is a symbol of power while diamonds always speak of luxury. Adding a splash of colour not only adds to your style but also adds a certain depth to your confidence.

Build as you go

The motto for the layering trend is: “More is more!”. We recommend keeping it simple–just putting a toe in the water before you jump in. Start out with two diamond rings and a subtle diamond pendant, or three diamond pendants of varying lengths matched with an elegant pair of earrings. But once you get the hang of it, you can make a big splash with bolder pieces and more adventurous combinations. Remember that there is no hard and fast rule for fashion. Whatever you feel comfortable and confident with becomes your style.


We have segmented a few additional tips that can help you nail the layering game.

Stacking multiple pieces of jewellery to create an entire aesthetic is a trend from the ’90s that is making a major fashion comeback. Layering is the fashion industry term describing the art of overlaying articles of jewellery on your neck, wrist, fingers, or ears while maintaining a theme. This involves combining different metals, chain lengths, and designs to create a striking composition of layers that make you look effortlessly unique. Layering also comes to your rescue on days when you can not choose between two or more items that you want to wear. With a little inspiration and a lot of confidence, you can wear it all and wear it in style!

Intrigued about the stacking trend but not sure where to start? We have got you, girl!


Begin with your largest, chunkiest ring in the centre and work your way outwards with more delicate pieces. Wear multiple rings on one finger for a chich and trendy look. Don’t be afraid to show off the best of Godin’s collection on the same day. Try adding a pop of colour with gemstones, and mix different diamond sizes to bring out your best look.


Begin with a short neckpiece close to the neckline, then layer a dainty one for variety, and finally a much longer necklace. Three necklaces  are sufficient if the lengths differ. Wear a choker to make a more dramatic statement. Make each necklace a different length, and don’t be afraid to mix textures and metals. You can certainly add gemstones as a statement piece.


If you have multiple piercings in your ears, you can stack different Godin pieces to suit your mood. The only rule to follow when stacking earrings is to start with the heaviest piece and work your way up, adding lighter ones as you go. Rest, just add a glimmer to your smile and you’re done! We hope this guide has helped you get started with stacking and layering.


Wear the smallest piece first, which sits lower on the wrist. Then, for a more dramatic look, add a more striking bracelet, such as a cuffed diamond one. Choose pieces with a variety of sizes and textures. N ow mix metals; you don’t have to choose between white or rose gold. Play with colours and textures for as long as it makes you confident.