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Welcome to Treasury
Your personal Godin wallet to stack your reward points.

Shop more and earn more!

Why wait for special discounts and offer when you can have exclusive access to reward points and other special deals.

How does it work?

  1. Sign Up
    Join the Godin community and get 200 bonus reward points.
  2. Earn with every order
    Earn 100% reward points with every purchase you make at Godin.
  3. Redeem your rewards
    Stack your reward points and redeem with your next purchase.

What’s More!

  1. Birthdays & Anniversary reward points
    Earn 100 reward points and an additional 5% exclusive discount coupon on birthdays and anniversaries.
  2. Exclusive access
    Be the first one to gain priority access to all product launches and special offers.
  3. Free delivery
    Become a member of the Godin community and get free delivery on all orders except on repairs.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Every 100 points collected are valued at GBP2.
  2. Collect a minimum of 500 reward points to redeem exclusive discounts. 
  3. Redeem a maximum of 3000 reward points at the time of checkout.
  4. Points can only be redeemed towards a minimum order of £100.


  1. What is Treasury?
    This is our way of saying thank you! By signing up, you can begin collecting points for recommending friends or placing orders. These points get stored in your Treasury. By accumulating more reward points, you will save more money on your upcoming orders.
  2. How do I Join?
    All you have to do is Sign Up and you’ll be a part of our exclusive rewards program. You’ll instantly receive a joining bonus of 200 reward points. If you’re already a part of the Godin London community, then start collecting by shopping.
  3. How do I earn points?
    With Godin London, you can earn points for referring a friend and placing a minimum order of £100. All points collected from orders will appear in your account 30 days after the order date (this is to give you time to return items).
  4. How do I redeem my points?
    Once you have at least 500 points, you will be able to select the number of points you wish to exchange for a cash discount at checkout.
    To redeem your first set of reward points, you must collect at least 500 points, and you can spend up to 3000 at one time. You can, for example, use 200 of your points toward your order if you’ve collected 500 points, or wait until you have more to start redeeming your points. (Note: Treasury points cannot be redeemed in conjunction with promo codes or on sale items.)
  5. How do I view my reward balance?
    Sign in to  your Godin Treasury and view your balance displayed under My Account.
  6. How much are Treasury points worth?
    Every 100 reward points saves GBP2 on your upcoming orders.
  7. How do I refer a friend?
    You can refer a friend by e-mail or via social. Once signed in, go to Refer a Friend in My Account and choose your preferred option so that they can start saving too. You will receive 200 reward points for each friend you refer.