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Vacation essential jewellery you need to carry this season!

As summer inches closer, vacation planning takes off in full swing. A common conundrum faced by most women while packing is sorting out their jewellery. Rule of thumb being, packing light yet carrying the best of their ornaments that make people turn their heads around twice to take their dutiful notice.

Make sure you look like sophistication redefined with these vacation essentials in your bag at all times!

White Gold Urbane Drop Diamond Necklace

Attracting attention wherever you go, this 9K White Gold Urbane Drop Diamond Necklace is an essential on any vacation. It can be worn with casual attire to enhance your overall look, or as an accessory to pump up the classy look you’re going for! 
With 8 natural diamonds set in a pure 9K white gold frame, look like your most flawless self and flaunt this perfect vacation necklace.

White Gold Play the Hoop Diamond Earrings

It’s impossible to go wrong with hoops and is an essential as an everyday wear, especially on a vacation. These gorgeous 9K White Gold Hoop Earrings with 10 diamonds studded on them add a drop of elegance to your daily hoop earrings. Tying in your entire look together, these hoop earrings are a must have on every vacation.

White Gold Triad Diamond Ring

Bringing together remarkable style with a laid-back piece of jewellery, this 9K White Gold Triad Diamond Ring is trendy and easy to carry. A petite ring to wear throughout the vacation to add just a little bit of glimmer and bling to your fingers. This marvelous ring brings together 6 beautiful diamonds to form a fashionable triad shape, so that you look extremely stylish and classy at the same time. 
This ring easily blends with any outfit and is the perfect vacation accessory.

White Gold Lone Stone Diamond Ring

This pristine diamond ring by Godin London is so subtle, it marries the aesthetic of your look seamlessly. This 9K White Gold Lone Stone Ring made with 0.06 carat diamond is simple, chic and adds a gentle glorious touch to your hands. Make an elusive statement with this ring on your finger when you embark on your vacation!

Godin London perfectly incorporates the elegance of stunning premium jewellery and the subtlety of everyday wear to offer you the best vacation essentials and everyday wear. Always look your best with us and shop these looks before taking off on your vacation!