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Godin de ~ (v) (vrouwelijke godheid) goddess, the ~ Noun
Godin in Dutch language means “Goddess”.
A woman can, simultaneously, feel different emotions, be different personalities, play different roles in the
lives of others. So, we believe, that for her, the meaning of being a goddess cannot be restricted to one.

Effortless, Comfortable, Simple, Uncomplicated. Godin London inspires you to feel like a queen everyday! We understand how a woman needs to feel when they adorn a piece of jewellery. Whether it is to brighten up a gloomy day with our gemstones like ruby, blue sapphires, emeralds and diamonds or to brace you with the confidence for a day at work, we have our timeless classics which enthuse the modern outlook for you and each person who wears it.

When you wear Godin, you bring the ‘Godin’ out in you.

Here at Godin, our aim is to empower and uplift all who wear our global jewellery through sheer elegance and fine design. We’re here to bring you true, accessible and affordable luxury wherever you are in the world. While you may stand alone at the helm of what you’re doing, with Godin, you’ll always have the power of celebrating not only yourself, but those special people around you and all that they empower.

Godin won’t just work for you, but for all those around you making the perfect gift to all age groups. Spread the love, the joy and the way of Godin with our quality designs that can be mixed, stacked, layered and even matched for the perfect complete look.

Alone we can do a little, together we can do a lot

We firmly believe that long lasting relationships are built on strong foundations of trust and collaboration. From friendships to family, more than ever, people come together to support each other and that is what we celebrate. At Godin, we want to recognise those beautiful and memorable moments you share with your loved ones.

With Godin, you can have it all and what’s more, you can look incredible while you do it, whether you enjoy one graceful addition of sparkle or stack our timeless pieces for even more impact. Our jewellery is here to make you feel as individual as you are. Enjoy the confidence you deserve and express the ‘Real You’ through our exceptionally made, quality pieces crafted with love.

Wear Godin with pride

Godin London offers memories, moments and cherished times. The polished surfaces are reminiscent of the sun gleaming, offering a hint of glistening rays as the precious metals catch the light. It isn’t just there to finish off your outfit but to showcase your unique features and what makes you YOU.
Our community of incredible women are brought together through every piece of exquisitely designed jewellery and each time you wear it, you’re letting the true you shine through.

Match your mood, match your outfit and more importantly, match the true you with elegance, style and poise.
Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, with our intricately designed pieces, we want you to rise and shine the Godin in you.

Let The Godin Shine Through

Our Mission


Our jewellery isn’t just there to look beautiful. We want to inspire. We want you to inspire others. With our pieces, you can conquer the world.

Godin is for every woman, wherever you are and wherever you’re from. With Godin, you join an even bigger community of women; the Godin community.


The Godin Guild stands together, supporting one another and co-existing in each other’s space but at Godin, we don’t just co-exist, we rise together.


With the help of incredibly talented artisans, we produce the finest handcrafted jewellery. Each piece is delicately handled and put together with the same love and care you enjoy when wearing it. With Godin, you can expect superior quality jewellery, handmade to perfection, brandishing the finest gold and gemstones.

Sustainability Journey

Our sustainability journey is an exciting one and one that we’ll be proud to show you as we work toward becoming more sustainable with every collection, every season, and every step we move forward.

We are continually striving to be as sustainable as possible across every aspect of our business. We firmly believe, reusing is the way to go. Our jewellery comes with brand blue boxes that are reusable if taken care of from time to time.

We intend to make better choices at every step of evolving the brand and hope to influence our customers to make a positive impact that has a long-lasting change.

Meanwhile, we hope you like our jewellery and cherish it for years to come!