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Girls just want to have fun…and we have a range of jewellery just for that!

Friendships are bonds beyond measure. Uncomplicated love, Unconditional trust, and Undying emotion! Friends adapt seamlessly to different roles, from being the rock strong pillars to effortlessly become your confidant. Godin London is your companion on the escapade to creating those little joys, memories together.
At Godin, we never let go of these precious moments because they exude true inspiration. Our range of jewellery is exquisitely designed to fit into your day-to-day life. But we recognize that you want to carry extra bling when you are out and about with the girls, having the time of your life. This is why we present before you our special “Girls’ Day Out” jewellery edition.

Keep Grooving In Your Style!

The club is not the only place that will keep you moving and grooving! Turn a house party into a fashion show with your style. Bring the whole gang together and move to the beats of your favourite tracks while looking your best self. We have got the perfect sparkling pieces to match with your cocktail dresses and gleaming confidence.

For those cute Instagram captures.

The stage is set, your fashion game is on point, and you are feeling yourself! So, why not flaunt it to the world? Take turns putting your dazzling smile on camera and show off that #OOTD with confidence. Laugh a little, shop a lot, and take a couple of cute Instagram pictures because hey, did you really have fun if you did not put it on Instagram? 


To match your sweet smile!.

Nothing sparkles brighter than your lovely smiles. Of course, our diamond jewellery can help by putting the spotlight on your special moments. Only your closest friends see the messy, fun and carefree side of yours. That is what makes the bond so special, isn’t it? Just you and the ladies being abashedly yourselves and having the time of your life.


9K White Gold Twine Of
Diamond Necklace With 0.5ct. Diamonds

9K White Gold Mayan
Diamond Necklace With 0.17ct. Diamonds

      9K Rose Gold Diamond
Heart Charms Bracelet With 0.19ct. Diamonds 


9K Yellow Gold Play The Hoop
Diamond Earrings With 0.1ct. Diamonds

9K White Gold Two Stone
Ruby Diamond Ring With 0.05ct. Diamondst

     9K White Gold Crimson Drop
Sapphire Diamond Ring With 0.04ct. Diamonds 


9K White Gold Coherent
Eternity Band With 0.3ct. Diamonds

9K White Gold Sylvan Diamond
Cluster Earrings 0.34ct. Diamonds


Intrigued by the phenomenal pieces our ladies are wearing? Don’t worry, we have put it all below so that you can pick out the ones that you like and put them in the cart. Buy these for yourself or as a gift for the lovely ladies in your life. After all, you do need something special for the special moments in your life.