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Jewellery Care

Godin understands that when you buy an article of jewellery, you want it to retain its shine no matter how old it is. And, with a little care, our jewellery can stand the test of time and appear new every time you adorn it. 

To help you take proper care of your jewels, here is a list of things to do for occasional clean-ups and some quick tips for durability. The list is categorized into Diamond Care, Gold Care, Gemstone Care, and Storage tips.

Diamond care

What can affect a diamond’s luster?
With regular use, especially if diamonds are worn on a regular basis, the diamond may start losing its shine. Regular contact with skin, exposure to varying temperatures, and friction from cloth can dull a diamond. But not to worry! It can be easily fixed in a matter of minutes and that too at home.

    • Use hot soapy water and gentle brushing with a soft-bristle   toothbrush.
    •  Mix one-part ammonia to six parts water to rinse the article well and renew the brightness.
    •  After cleaning, rub gently with a soft cloth to accentuate your diamond’s shine.
    •  Remove diamond jewellery when applying creams/sunscreen/perfumes/hairspray.
    •  Avoid touching diamonds with your fingers, as smudges can affect a diamond’s lustre and fire.
    •  Wash your jewellery from time to time, to get rid of unwanted dirt.
    •  When removing rings, you should always ensure to pick them up by their band, not by the stone or setting. 

Gold care

Gold is considered the most valuable metal in the world and the most difficult to maintain. Many people choose to wear golden accessories every day to spark up their outfits for when they go about their daily activities.
However, the shine of gold can be affected due to skin oils, body sweat, perfumes dust, makeup, and more.

How can you make sure that your gold jewellery stays new for the long run? Read on.

    • Always remove gold jewellery before swimming. Chlorine when comes into contact with gold and can discolour and even damage the metal.
    • Never use substances like toothpaste to clean gold. It has been designed to keep your teeth’ enamel clean; on gold, it can cause a great deal of damage.
    • Remove your gold jewellery while using cleaning products, such as bleach or everyday cleaning spray.
    • Use a clean, dry, fabric-lined jewellery box to store gold jewellery.

Gemstones care

What can affect a diamond’s luster?
It is rare for the colour and shine of gemstones to fade away, however, if you have a favourite gemstone studded piece of jewel, it is best to take some precautions.

Gemstones are softer than diamonds and hence need extra care while wearing as well as storing. We have created a step-by-step guide to help you keep your jewels clean and long-lasting.

  • Clean gemstone studded pieces with warm water and a gentle colourless detergent to remove dirt and grime. 
  • You can use a soft brush or cloth, preferably without lint, to then clean the gemstones. 
  • Jewellery with hard gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are generally safe to clean in an ultrasonic cleaner, but other softer gems may not be. If you’re not sure, avoid using an ultrasonic with gemstones.

General storage tips

And last but not the least, here are some general tips for storing your bedazzled jewels. 

  • Avoid storing precious metal jewellery in a humid place, Humidity will speed up the tarnishing process.
  • Precious metal jewellery should be stored away from free-flowing air.
  • Keep it in a pouch, velvet-lined jewellery box, or similar if possible.

Now that you are aware of how to take care of your jewellery, browse our products to pick out your next best.