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Under all that bravado and the constant struggle to achieve success, we believe every woman possesses magic. At GODIN London, we aim to unravel the magic with these timeless jewels while building a community that shines as one.

It is always our goal to grow this community and spread the word further. Our exclusive Affiliate program allows websites and individuals to become members of the GODIN community and earn commissions.


Our commission rate is 8% with a 30-day cookie as standard. Your affiliate link will earn you an 8% commission for any GODIN London purchases made within 30 days of clicking.

Additionally, we will provide you with the following:

  • Regularly updated content.
  • Regular newsletters with updates on all our promotions.
  • Offers and promotions voucher codes.
  • Affiliates with a contact database will receive brand creatives and an HTML email.


We’d ask you to promote GODIN London on your site or blog by:

  • Putting our ads, banners, and links on your site.
  • Accessing our product data feed and promoting our jewellery to ensure your visitors are informed about our latest collections and promotions.
  • Uploading brand videos on your site. 


Click below to fill out a simple form to connect you to our UK affiliate network.

Affiliate Form

Your submission and website or blog will be reviewed by one of our dedicated teams, who will contact you if your application is successful.

You can reach the GODIN marketing team by email at [email protected].